Arth Va'ashk

An Ork Shaman with a corporate past waiting to catch up with him


A full copy of Arth’s character sheet is available via Dropbox.



Arth Va’ashk was born into one of the few wealthy, influential ork families in Massachusetts. Blessed with nearly-human features, the Va’ashk Family rose in both power and influence through the judicious use of New England “old money” and their generational ties to Saeder-Krupp Schwerindustriegesellschaft. In fact, it’s rumored that the family’s current patriarch, Garn, has even collaborated with the Great Dragon Lofwyr directly on a number of projects.

From an early age, Arth showed a remarkable aptitude for shamanism, which the family felt could be a strategic asset in furthering their power and influence. So when MIT&T started an experimental degree track for shamanism, they gladly bankrolled his education. Arth went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Shamanism, but partway through his graduate studies, MIT&T canned the program.

For a time, he tried to shift gears and adapt to corporate life — albeit half-heartedly. His father arranged for some contract work that suited his skillset, but Arth found it both underhanded and soul-corroding. Worse, his exposure to Garn’s seedier dealings caused a major rift within the family.

Each argument built upon the last until the escalation led to a full-blown rebellion. Arth abandoned his current contract, told his father he wanted nothing to do with him and left home with little more than his meager savings, some reagents and his bound spirit-dog, Hatchi.

Now, years later, Arth is all but destitute. He makes his money by shadowrunning, which is even more dangerous for a SINner from a wealthy family. Despite that, he’s never felt freer and more alive, even if he has gone from riches to rags. But who knows? His next job might be the big score that lets him retire in style, or at least that’s what he tells himself.

It beats thinking about the alternative. It’s better than dwelling on what he’s lost.


  • Professor Jason Two-Souls, an MIT&T faculty member who still hopes to revive the shamanism curriculum. He’s a Native American troll in his fifties.
  • Gregor Va’ashk, Arth’s sympathetic brother. Gregor keeps his brother’s whereabouts confidential and sometimes covers his tracks as a courtesy.
  • Reg Baker, “retired” Saeder-Krupp wetworker. Reg was assigned to Arth’s last team before they both quit. Although they’re cordial, they’re scarcely the best friends. Their one bond is their shared disgust over being asked to “neutralize” a tent camp of homeless drifters. Needless to say, they declined.

(Side note for Peter — Saeder-Krupp may have had a very good reason for killing those people that dad couldn’t share with his son. His office might have been “bugged,” after all….)


  • Make enough cash to stay independent of his father’s influence.
  • Find a way to fund his exit from the UCAS to someplace ork- and shaman-friendlier.
  • Avoid Saeder-Krupp at all costs.

Arth Va'ashk

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