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Run Runner!

Once More Into the Night is a Shadowrun 5E campaign which follows the adventures of a small team of Shadowrunners working the shadows of the Seattle Metroplex. Play started in the summer of 2013 with brand new characters using standard [character creations rules].

The campaign takes place in the year 2075, just 13 years after [[Crash 2.0]].

Team Details

Street Name “Profession” Player
TBD Ork Shaman Artair

More to follow…

Character Level / Karma

The Karma earned by player characters will be tabulated here for quick reference. Earned Karma is a measure of player character reputation as well as advancement.

Tell It To Them Straight

More to follow.

Places of Interest

More to follow.

Items of Interest

More to follow.

Important Contacts

More to follow

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