Once More Into The Night

Prelude - Interception

It was quiet in the dimly lit office.

The room lights were off, leaving only the light from the antique brass lamp on the desk. A gentle rain blew against the reinforced armorplex of the window overlooking the gleaming lights of the amber hued Seattle skyline. Behind the large well appointed desk a handsome human male sits quietly reading a sheaf of printed paper, the sound of ice crackling in a small glass tumbler the only accompaniment to the sounds of moving paper. Across from him a well dressed human woman sits attentively, her long hair held back in a tight pony tail which draped neatly over the sleek black business suit.

The man shuffles the papers, carefully re-reading the document, his expression one of careful concentration.

<<<<<<<<<<<< -—-BEGIN DECRYPTED MESSAGE——— >>>>>>>>>>>>
Delivered-To: alex.wainright@ke.primsec.command.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid
Received: by 2001:43C0:FEC9:BC24:9E0C:: wiith MMMTP id it1csp84985pbb;
Fri, 23 Aug 2075 07:15:38
Return-Path: <janice.tarikof@ke.resgrp.chicago.kegrid />
Received-MMSPF: auth (ke.primsec.authserv.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid: domain of alex.wainright@ke.primsec.command.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid designates 12001:43C0:FEC9:BC24:9E0C) client-ip=12001:43C0:FEC9:BC24:9E0C
Authentication-Results: ke.primsec.authserv.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid;
mmspf=pass (ke.primsec.authserv.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid: domain of alex.wainright@ke.primsec.command.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid designates 12001:43C0:FEC9:BC24:9E0C as permitted sender) mmsmtp.mail=janice.tarikof@ke.resgrp.chicago.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid;
MMX-Received: from ke.primsec.authserv.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid ([2001:42C0:FEC9:BC24:9D0C::])
by 2001:42C0:FEC9:BC24:9D0C::] with MMSMTP id fp9mr1196278wic.33.1376662537938 (num_hops = 14520);
Fri, 23 Aug 2075 07:15:38
MMDKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha2048; c=relaxed/relaxed;
d=ke.primsec.authserv.kegrid/knight-errant-globalgrid; s=20750123;

Subject: Status Update – Project Able Shattered Blue
From: Janice <janice.tarikof@ke.resgrp.chicago.kegrid />
To: Alex Wainright <alex.wainright@ke.primsec.command.kegrid />
Content-Type: multipart/alternative/vrenabled; boundary=001a11c3844c8c99af04e41139b0—001a11c3844c8c99af04e41139b0 Content-Type: text/matrix-enhance; vrset=ISO-2348859-2


As you requested, please find attached the updated project status report on Able Shattered Blue and subject A02. The attached full sim recordings should provide a fairly extensive overview of the subjects reaction to ASB-46414249494972657633. When reviewing, please ensure proper safety protocols are adhered to at all times. Biofeedback Risk is to be considered potentially Lethal/High for reasons that should become obvious upon review of the material.

In the interest of interpretation, I thought I would take a quick moment to summarize our results at this time.

The subject continues to display the unusual AP characteristics inherent with similar observed subjects. Despite the obvious prolonged exposure to ASB-46414249494972657633. Genetic testing is as yet inconclusive, though we continue to make inroads on the sequencing. The high variation rate has made proper sequencing difficult to say the least, not to mention the inherent risk of sample retrieval. Our retrieval accident rate has been quite high, and security has been making quite the fuss about it. I would recommend consideration be given to increasing our staffing in this area on the next personnel rotation.

Our observations continue to validate the original assumptions about the viability of Able Shattered Blue, and I believe that with your approval of the extra budget for the equipment we requested (see ref: mmftp://0asd0f987asd3/ke.resgrp.chicago.kegrid/secstore/operations/knight-errant-globalgrid/ ) we will be able to get data we need to move forward with a more aggressive collection and analysis strategy.

Finally, a word of caution. The collection teams continue to make the usual complaints. Normally I would dismiss these as the usual sort of grumbling, but our collected data (see attached) would seem to lend some credence. I believe we need to accelerate the project and move to Phase II before collection becomes too difficult.

Of course, please feel free to contact me should you have any questions upon reviewing the attached data.



<<<<<<<<<<<< -—- END DECRYPTED MESSAGE -—- >>>>>>>>>>>>

After reading, the man puts the papers down on the mahogany desk and turns his chair slowly to look out over the lights of the city. Streams of lights move across the skyline as the many aircraft and drones flit about the city on their various tasks. After a few minutes of contemplation he speaks.

“Well, this is a most interesting development Cynthia. Our man inside knows that sending us this information in this manner is a serious breach of protocol doesn’t he?” he said, the faint hint of displeasure on his face.

“You read the message. He clearly thought this was important enough to get to us now. If they move to Phase II we will need to move up our own plans to compensate. I’ve discussed this with security and planning and we have officially concurred with GERONIMO’s actions in this case.” she said with apparent confidence, betrayed only by the nervous jittery movement of her foot.

The man stares at her for a few moment before finally speaking. “You know the situation best Cynthia. If you concur, then I suppose I must accept you judgement in this matter. You will of course keep me advised should the situation change, but based on this I think I must agree with your team’s assessment. We might need to accelerate our own plans.” he said, taking a sip from a glass of whiskey. Pausing briefly to enjoy the expensive 100 year old vintage before speaking. “I believe you should be begin making the appropriate arrangements with your team don’t you?”

Relieved, the young woman nodded. “Yes, of course sir. We will begin immediately.”

“Excellent!” he said. He turned back to his contemplation of the skyline. “Please report to me when you are ready. That will be all Cynthia”.



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